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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's All Monkey Business...

 I was getting ready to go to bed when I started thinking about what I had to do in the morning.  It all starts with a morning routine on Tuesdays.  I thought, I must set my alarm clock so we are not late for the Tuesday Morning Leadership Meeting/Breakfast.  My mind began to wander through our morning routine.  On Tuesdays, I get up first since I take the longest to get ready.  While I am blow drying my hair or putting on my makeup, Bo gets up to get in the shower.  We crisscross at the sink in the bathroom, we pass in the closet saying excuse me, we keep asking each other about the time…we move like a well oiled machine.

My monkey

I know about how long he is going to take in the shower and he knows how long it takes to do my thick hair.  He knows that I like my coffee to taste like cake and I know he likes a drop or two of half n half in his.  I can tell by the air in the room if he is in a good mood or not.  He knows by my breathing if I am crying in the dark or just quiet (this amazes me because I can have tears streaming from my eyes across my nose onto the bed with my back to him and he knows).

Me and my monkey
I love that this man knows me and he still loves me.  I am not the young, thin 17 year old that he married.  I have gone through many trials and hard times in the past 23 years BUT I did not go through them alone.  I had my handsome, loving, supportive husband to travel that road with.  When I would have left me alone, he stayed.  When I would have fallen, he steadied me.  He has given me focus (because I am a dreamer).  He makes me feel safe and secure.

Mom and her monkey
I know I have written a lot the past couple of weeks about my husband but (as Martha would say), he is a good thing…lol.  There is so much focus in this world around us on the failed marriages and people calling it quits because they think it is so much better out there.  I want to focus on what is good in my life.  My marriage makes me happy.  I am thankful for my husband.  I love that he loves me.  I chose him and he chose me.  If I can tell you all the reasons why I love him than maybe that makes my love conditional.  I truly cannot tell you all the whys but I can share some of them.  Yes he makes me fighting mad sometimes.  We fuss and pick at each other at times but not as much as we did when we were younger.
Cheryl and her monkey

Pastor Green's mother told her when she was going to marry Apostle that once you are married, he is your monkey.  If your monkey is good or if he is bad, He is still your monkey.  Your monkey goes where you go even if he embarrasses you or annoys you…he's still your monkey.  So I guess, Bo is my monkey and I am his.  It's all monkey business…Lovin my BLESSED LIFE!!!

Vikie and her monkey

CeCe and her monkey

Lauren and her monkey
Christian and her monkey
Scovia and her monkey

Juliana and her monkey
Julia and her monkey

Nancy and her monkey

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