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Friday, February 15, 2013

Lent…to sweet or not to sweet

There was a woman who had decided to give up sweets and fast until 3pm everyday for Lent.  She knew she was asking a lot of herself but she was going to try.  She had actually missed the first day of Lent because she couldn't decide what she wanted to do so she was going to start Thursday morning.
This woman told her husband after church Ash Wednesday about her plans as he was bringing in a huge chocolate cake with butter cream icing that read, "I Love You."  She said well, since I am starting tomorrow, I can have a slice tonight.  There are many people who come in and out of her house that she thought could eat the cake without it being too much of a temptation although, sweets are her greatest temptation.  The woman and the man each have a small sliver of cake and put it in the fridge for another day.  Off to bed they go dreaming sweet dreams.  

On Thursday morning there is a knock at the woman's bedroom door.  In walks the woman's son, "Happy Valentine's Day Mom.  These are from all of us.  We all pitched in and got you a box of Godiva truffles.  One box for you and one box for dad."  Thank you.  Happy Valentine's Day to you too, the woman replies.  Now she has a huge cake in her fridge and a box of Godiva chocolate truffles on her bedside table.  She thinks to herself, This is going to be hard.  

The day goes on with appointments and family stuff.  Her belly is growling because of no food until 3pm, so she stays busy and tries not to think of it.  THEN, at 2:00pm the garage door opens and in walks her son again with a huge box that has just been delivered.  The box says, SHARI'S BERRIES!!!!!  OH MY GOSH, she says, are these for me?  Yup her son replies, Dad sent them.  Laughter starts rising in the room and she realizes that she is the one laughing.  Her son says, OPEN IT UP, PLEASE…I came home early just so I could be here when these arrived.  Inside the huge box was 2 dozen chocolate covered huge strawberries!!  24 berries!  

Her mouth begins to water and her belly is rumbling so loud and hard it hurts.  She knows that she has at least one hour before she can eat, anything.  Now, what to do about the whole sweets thing?  Should she or shouldn't she?  What to do, what to do?  She has never received so many sweets from others at one time in her life.  It has been two days of sweet gifts or should I say, sweet love.  

Well, now it's 3 pm and she walks into her kitchen, opens up the box of berries and…YUP, they were delicious just as she knew they would be.  She ate three at one time.  She had decided that she would not put these gifts aside, yes, she is still fasting every day until 3pm but she will eat berries, cake and truffles between 3 pm and 10 pm (at least one of the three).  

Confession my friends is good for the soul.  Yes, she loves God and believes that Lent is very important in her Christian Faith.  Fasting and praying and sacrifice are all part of her life.  But so is her family and of course right now, SWEETS!!! (lol)  

Would you have eaten the sweets as this wife, mother, woman did? Please respond.  I would like to know but please be kind.  You know we like it sweet here.

Have a blessed weekend!!!!

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