hope sign

hope sign

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Makes You Feel Better On A Sick Day???

Pictures that make me smile on a feeling poorly day

When I am feeling sick or bad, I like to look at things that make me feel better.  I love magazines about decorating or home styles, I love to look at pictures of my family in the summer or at a holiday.  When you are feeling bad, like I am today, it is important to find something to make you smile.  Like what is going on right now.  I am laying in my bed with Juliana next to me and Henry next to her, watching The Lion King.  I know these kind of mornings are coming to an end with Juliana getting married in 10 days.  But I am going to enjoy this moment as much as I can.  Yes, I am sick but that does not take away from My BLESSED LIFE!!!!!

To my left this morning

To my right…much better view

Henry, Juliana and Jake at the beach

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