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hope sign

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


On Tuesday mornings, the leadership team of Christ the King Church meet at Denny's for breakfast, devotion and meeting.  This puts me behind to write my blog and today has just gotten away from me.  So it is almost 2pm and I am just getting the chance to sit and write. 
Presley organizing the baby nursery at church
Jacob dancing
Sometimes things come up and we have to reevaluate the situation and see what is working and what is not.  Like this morning, I am finding that writing on Tuesday mornings is difficult so maybe I should write on Monday night when it is quiet and I have time.  I just realized today that I have 2 whole closets in my house that are almost empty.  This is what I call, A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!!  

Henry making a phone call…
This realization has ignited a desire in me to clean the other closets and reorganize our home.  It makes everything feel new and clean.  I love the new & clean feeling.  I love when things have their place and are there when I need them to be.

One of my pet peeves is the silverware drawer in my kitchen.  I have two sets of silverware and I do not like them to be mixed.  I do not like the big spoons in with the little spoons.  If this is not done correctly, things just don't fit well and it can set me off.  I know, what is the big deal? Right?  The big deal to me is that when you go to open or close the drawer it catches or gets stuck and the drawer will then get weaker.  How many find it very annoying when you go to open a drawer and something is stuck half up?  I DO!  One day this happened and I sat down to reevaluate the situation.  I decided that I had to change things up.  This was just not working anymore and I was tired of being frustrated.  I needed to be able to work in an organized kitchen.  I went to work on it.

I took out all of the silverware and started organizing.  Guess what, I have to do this every so often because I am not alone in the home.  Last night, I had to remind some of the home occupants that the mixing bowls don't go where the pots and pans go and I had to sit down on the floor and reorganize.  But when I was done, everything fit and the doors and drawers closed well and I was a happy Mama.  

Don't be afraid to look at things and see what needs fixing.  It will make us all happier in the end.  

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