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Monday, January 28, 2013


For years, many many years, I wanted more children.  I had my children when I was 18, 20 & 21 years old.  I was tired and so my husband did something about it, with my full support.  I regretted that decision for many years.  Even to this day, I regret that decision.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the children I was/am blessed with.  They have been full of energy, love, surprises, challenges…everything children possess and bring into the lives of their parents.  But I wish we would have had more.

I am now 41 years old and my youngest just turned 20, my older daughter and son are each married and I have 1 grandson.  I look around at people my age and some are just getting started on having families and I am going through, Empty Nest Syndrome.  Unfortunately, Empty Nest = Empty Pockets because we are still recovering from the wedding and we are still paying for college.  I think Empty Nest would be more fun if it came with full pocketbooks…lol.

It is a strange place to be, a mother to grown children.  You don't feel like you are that much older but when you look at your children, you realize that you must be because they are.

Juliana pregnant with Henry
Bo has been watching a documentary over and over again about the declining population in Hungary and Eastern Europe due to abortion.  It states that for a population or race to survive, the people of that nation need to have 2.1 children per family.  For over 40 years, in Hungary, they have had 1.3 (around that number, cannot confirm because of an inept memory).  There are more old adults than young people to support the older generation because of the population decline.  Abortion has been legal in Communist countries for Population Control for 50 years.  Now they are seeing the consequences of these actions.  Hungary has done something very courageous about it, they have written a new constitution which outlaws abortion.  They have put Christ back in the center of their constitution and even the words, GOD BLESS HUNGARY are written in their pages.  It can be done America.  This documentary has given me hope for America.

America is on the same track as Hungary was.  We have killed over 55 million babies since 1973.  55 million workers, loves, leaders, scientists, explorers…Possibilities.  Our Social Security problems are rooted in the fact that we are killing our future every time we say it's OK and even encourage abortion.  One minister said to me that Islam isn't growing because of how right it is, it is growing because Islamic parents are having babies, lots of them.  Christians need to have children, teach those children about Jesus.  I hope and pray that Hungary becomes a beacon to the world to choose LIFE.  John 14:6 NKJV "Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life…".  When you choose Christ, you choose LIFE.

One more thing, it was stated in the documentary that Europeans are choosing things over children.  They may have one child but then decide that they would rather travel, get a new car, have a couple of homes or even just one great home, so another child just won't fit into the lifestyle they are trying to have.  A lifestyle isn't a life.  A lifestyle is fleeting and it won't comfort you in old age or make you laugh with great delight.  A lifestyle won't be a life affirming friend to your 1 child.  Choose life over a lifestyle.  In choosing LIFE, we are the ones who reap the benefits.

I will forever wonder what greatness we cut off 20 years ago when we decided not to have more children.  I can only just imagine because I will never know.  But my first three are pretty great so the possibilities are endless.  I encourage my MARRIED children to have children, lots of them.  I won't mind my home being full of grand babies, as a matter of fact, I can't wait.

Children add to my BLESSED LIFE!!!

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