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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Accountability & Best Friends

I am going to out myself today.  Make myself accountable to you.  I have started exercising this morning.  I have done this before but I stopped.  Today I started again.  No, I didn't last very long but I had to start somewhere.  Unfortunately that somewhere was in my dirty cold basement.  Where all the extensions cords were missing.  I am starting with riding a stationary bike and it needs an extension cord because the outlets are in the ceiling and near the stairs where the bike just won't fit.  So the first 10 minutes of my "workout" was running around the house and in the garage looking for the missing cords.  We needed two because my best friend Sarah is working out with me and the treadmill needs power.

We worked out from February to August of last year and even though I didn't lose much weight, I felt so much better.  When August rolled around, I went on an 8 day vacation to Sonoma, California and then my son was coming home and I was just done.  I told Sarah that I was not going to be getting up so early to exercise and I just needed a break.  Well 5 months later, my body feels awful.  I need to exercise.  Monday morning I sent my friend a text and asked her if she was up to exercising three days a week and she said yes.  However, when the alarm clock went off at 6:30 this morning, only my right eye opened.  I think my left eye was saying, "Really, are you serious.  It is too dang early!!!".  But I knew I must get up because my friend was coming.  Accountability!!!!  I have to be accountable to someone.  I have to know that my actions are going to impact them or my big bottom was staying put in my comfy, warm, cozy, inviting, snugly bed!

Me and Sarah in Fenwick
I guess we are like that in most things.  We have a great idea but no follow through.  It isn't until we find someone that will keep us focused, motivated and we know we have to answer to them, that we really do what we say we are going to do.  I am so very thankful for my friend, Sarah, who keeps me in check. She encourages me to exercise and not drink Diet Coke (my favorite).  I am proud to say that yesterday I only drank 1/4 of a can of Diet Coke.  Yes, it was like sweet burning nectar to my soul…lol.  I love soda and I will probably not give it up 100% but I can cut down on how much I drink.  I drank more water yesterday and I felt better.

Us on New Years Eve 2012

Sarah has been my friend since childhood.  She was a bridesmaid at my wedding, I babysat her son and she babysat my 3 children.  She is not only a good friend to me & Bo but to our family.  When my sisters and I go away, Sarah goes with us.  She is one of us…she is part Estep.  Well the part that matters the most, the heart.

Us on Ocracoke Island in October 2010
So here we go back down this road that we traveled before but left too soon.  Kimi & Sarah are exercising again!  I guess it's all part of that change that I have been talking a lot about in 2013.  I know this change will add (probably years) to my BLESSED LIFE!!!

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