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hope sign

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Process for change…sneaky change...

Changes, my word for the year.  I am in the middle of a life change right now.  Knowing this change was going to take place, helped me choose my word for the year.  Today my daughter comes back from her honeymoon and guess what, she's not coming here.  Big change!

Henry asleep in the chair next to Grammy

Her stuff is still in her room, Henry's stuff is still in his room.  It's like they live here but they don't.  So in reality, we are in limbo of the change.  I haven't walked by an empty room…I have walked by two extremely messy rooms (because of the packing).  In the middle of a change, things do seem to get very messy.  Things are going in all directions until you get organized.  Henry's dresser has drawers without clothes in it and drawers that look like they threw up with the clothes coming out…process for change. There are bins of toys going to the town house and bins of toys staying at Grammy's…process for change.
Henry in December
If you are not watching, change can sneak up on you.  Jake said to me last night, "This is Henry's last week living here."  I had to tell him that last week was Henry's last week living here.  He got so sad because he thought Henry had one more week…sneaky change.  I did inform him that Henry will be here for dinner tonight with his Mommy and Step daddy.  That seemed to help.

Me…long time ago
Everyone living here is going through changes.  But not all of us are going through the exact same changes.  I look around and feel the absence of my little girl who has lived with me all her life, I feel the absence of my grandson who has spent countless hours cuddled up in my arms for the past 21/2 years.  I listen to hear him call out but he's not here.  Changes for me are different than the change for Scovia or Jake.  Although they will miss Juliana living here, they truly miss Henry.  I call them BFF's.  Henry, Scovia and Jake watch TV together every night.  He likes going into their bedroom to watch Team Omizoomi which he calls Omimuffin.  At night they feel his absence in the quietness of our home.

Where I want to be

Where I am…lol
However hard this change is, it is good.  My Juliana has embarked on the best journey of her life.  She has found the one to spend her life with, to build a family with, to love and cherish.  I am so happy for her and for Henry.  So as sad as I can get thinking about how life is changing, I am excited for her.  I remember my first days of marriage and the building of my family and home.  I want that for her and all my children.

I will be writing about other changes that are happening around me and in me throughout this year.  I hope you will find strength in my writings.  Change is inevitable and it is necessary.  It means we are growing and our children are growing.  We need to be mindful that we have the power to guide and direct the changes in our lives.  Some things are out of our control but our reactions and emotions are the things we can control.  How we respond is up to us.  Today, I choose to laugh, love and enjoy my blessed life and all it's changes.

found this on my phone, don't know where I got it but I love it.

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