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Monday, January 21, 2013

Weddings…Ravens…Weekend Amazing

Ahhhhhhhhhh…that is a sigh of relief.  The wedding is over, it was a huge success.  I knew my Juliana would make a beautiful bride but when she put her dress on with her black fur shrug, I was breathless.  She no longer looked like my little baby, she looked like she had just walked off a photo shoot for a magazine cover.  She was glowing and enchanting.  Juliana has always had exotic eyes, so dark and perfectly shaped.  The makeup artist accented Juliana's natural beauty and the results are amazing.

I stood when the music changed to signify that the bride and her father were coming.  When they appeared in the doorway, my breath caught in my chest and my eyes filled with tears.  This is the moment that always made me cry whenever I thought about her getting married.  The closer they got the front of the church the quicker my tears came.  And then, she started crying…I said to myself, "Kimberly Hope, control yourself.  This is a good day, no more tears and defiantly, no ugly crying".
It was a beautiful ceremony.  Yes, the flower girl came running down the aisle screaming, "Mommy, my shoe", her shoe fell off like Cinderella when she took off running.  Henry did amazing.  He dropped his pillow a couple of times but when he walked up to Aaron at the altar and reached for him, it was a special moment.  Halfway through the ceremony, Jacob (my great nephew 3 years old) came running to the front of the church and stood laughing.  These things didn't take away from the wedding but they added to it.  Children bring life into any situation…they are always welcomed.

We had a great time at the reception.  We laughed, cried and danced the night away.  Our beautiful Melody Amber caught the bouquet and our soon to be nephew caught the guarder.  We had a marriage dance and the last couple dancing was my in laws who have been married 52 years.  I was amazed at how many couples were still on the dance floor after the 10 year mark and even up to the 20 year mark.  I looked at my brother in law and said, "We have some longevity on the this dance floor and in this family".  It was a good sign for the marriage of Juliana and Aaron.

3 Ravens fans 1 Patriots fan…before the game

So, today is Monday and it was a very busy weekend.  Our little girl is married and THE RAVENS are going to the super bowl.  It was an amazing weekend.

After the game…Superbowl

One last thing, we had a photo booth at the reception and our photo guy was awesome.  His name is Nic China and he runs Get Pixilated in the Baltimore area.  If you need a photo booth, call this company.  His website is www.getpixilated.com.  It was something that everyone enjoyed no matter the age.

I wish a lifetime of happiness for my Juliana and Aaron.  I pray that they will always cherish their Blessed Life.

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