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hope sign

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Babies, Where Has The Time Gone?

This is the last week that Juliana and Henry will be living with us.  Only 4 days until the wedding.  Last night I was feeling very much attached to my grandson.  I asked him if he just wanted to live with Grammy & Pop, that Mommy could come over when ever she wanted to see him.  Well, that was a no go.

Juliana looked at me and said, "Don't do that.  He's going with me."  I told her it isn't fair that I have to deal with both of them being gone and since it was her decision to get married, that Henry should be able to stay with me.  Of course she said NO!  As you might have guessed, this was all said in jest and I wouldn't really try to take my grandson from his mommy.  But it will be an adjustment, both of them being gone.  They are both my babies and I am going to miss them living here.  Juliana said that they will be visiting all the time but as you know, it's just not the same.  Of course, she doesn't realize that because she hasn't lived away from home before but it will become very real to her later.

Juliana Kimberly VanDyke and Henry William VanDyke both have added to my blessed life in so many ways.  Here's some pics of them around the same age.


Juliana, almost 2

Can you see how much he looks like his Mama

Grammy & Henry…our first picture together.  Special moment
in my life

Gosh, look at that face

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