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hope sign

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have two empty bedrooms right now.  A very small bedroom that was Henry's room and a much larger room that belonged to Juliana.  I know that I have to designate these two rooms for something or they will become a catch all and nobody wants that.  Without a purpose, junk just begins to build up and then I will have a real mess.(Now that would preach wouldn't it)

So in my mind, I would love to make Juliana's old room into a classy, beautiful, girly office for me!!  I am thinking beautiful furniture, a chandelier, a place for me to create and write that is comfy and of course pretty.  I love painted furniture and I would love to have a small ornate sofa or maybe a small classic sofa with a chair that pops.  The choices are endless.  I might have to call my fashion/wedding/interior design guru, Lauren Niles to help me.  I know she would be willing but I may need to give her a break since she helped so much with the wedding.

My dream room/office would have a wrapping center that is easy to get to and very organized.  It would have a small desk for my computer and a small place for my printer (when I get a new one.  Mine is still broken).  I would or should I say, WILL have a comfortable desk chair.  No more office throw aways.  I use an office throw away at my vanity and it is a back killer.  Henry calls it his chair and he loves it because it spins.  Grammy/Dammy is not as impressed with it…lol.

Henry asleep on the sofa last night.  He
was sick and just kinda passed out.

I think I will keep Henry's room a bedroom.  A place for the grand kids.  Since Henry will be coming here at least 3 days a week, I think I will make it his play room and nap room.  And when more grand babies come along, it will belong to them all, that is unless Pop has other plans.  Kelcie said she was going to make it a TV room for herself but we will see about that.  I like my idea the best.

Well, here's to changes and POSSIBILITIES!!  It's all part of my blessed life.

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