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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things That Go BOOM In The Night...

I am the official night owl in the VanDyke home.  I have always stayed up late to just do nothing.  When I was first married (even when I stilled lived at home), I would get the "cleaning demon" around 11pm.  Then I would be up to like 3am getting stuff done.  Now, that I am 41, I just stay up to watch TV or read.  Bo will every so often holler downstairs, "Kimi, you coming to bed?", and I answer, "Yeah".  Then I get up and go to bed.

Last night was no exception.  It was midnight and I was watching TV, thinking to myself, go to bed you are so tired.  So I pick up the remote to turn the TV off when everything goes black and a huge BOOM (loud enough to wake the dead) shatters the silence and darkness.  It scared me so bad that I just sat there for a minute waiting to see what happened.  About that time, Bo comes booking down the stairs using his phone flashlight.  He's saying "Kimi, Kimi, are you alright?"  I am now walking in the dark and then it happens, I walk right into the wall.  The picture I had framed for him is now being held up by my right side and knee.  It's pitch dark and I can't see where to lay down my glass so I can move and not bust up the picture or the house.  Bo comes around the corner and I say, "Help me please."  We get the picture on the kitchen table and that's when Jake comes out of his room checking on everyone. It was so crazy.

Darkness fuels fear.  Everything seems off when the darkness settles in.  My heart was pounding so hard because I couldn't see what was going on…darkness.  I was in the dark literally and I didn't know what happened.  What caused that huge boom that sounded like an explosion?  Did someone hit a transformer? Did a tree fall down on something?  Darkness hides the truth from us, reality becomes altered.  But light, no matter how small, defeats darkness every time.  When Bo came around the corner with his little iPhone turned flashlight, darkness disappeared.  Light always wins.  There is a lesson there.

Be the light for someone today.  Show them the love of Christ.  Jesus is the light for a sin darkened world.  It's all part of living a BLESSED LIFE.

Lanterns the kids made at
Friday Night Light

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