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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where Do You Find Your Joy?

I am reminded this morning that it is the 3rd week of Advent.  Advent-coming…awaiting the coming of the Messiah.  This last week waiting for the the Nativity to come, our Christ, our Lord & Savior, Prince of Peace, our All in All, let's look for Him in everything.  He is in our midst.  He is with us always.  He was, He is and He will always be.  

Jesus, savior, you are welcome in my heart and in my whole being. Live in me always!

Tuesday 3rd Week of Advent

Grant, we pray, almighty God,
that we, who are weighed down from of old,
by slavery beneath the yoke of sin,
may be set free by the newness
of the long-awaited Nativity
of your Only Begotten Son.
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.


Prepare our hearts 
and remove the sadness 
that hinders us from feeling 
the joy and hope 
which his presence 
will bestow.

Just a little reminder that He never leaves us nor forsakes us even in this fallen world.  I look around me and find so many reasons to be joyful.  In the smile of a child, in the arms of my husband, in the beauty of God's creation.  

As you go about your day, look around and see what the LORD has provided for you.  It may be big or it may be small but I know that He is your provision.  He loves you and cares about what you care about.  The Joy of The LORD is our strength.  

Joy adds to your Blessed Life.

I found a lot of my information about Advent on the webpages listed above.  They are direct copy and paste from the website. Also from the Catholic Church website.

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