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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Love Mornings On Coachman Drive

I love mornings on Coachman Drive.  It is wonderful when I hear little feet run down the hallway to my room and a little knock at the door.  Then this tiny voice says, "Hi Dammy".  We make our way downstairs while everyone in the house is getting ready for work and Henry starts making his rounds saying Good Morning to everyone.

One of his favorite places to spend time is in Jake and Scovia's bedroom.  He climbs into bed with Scovia and I guess they watch TV for a while.  When he gets to wild, she will carry him out to the family room so he can play hard.

Henry seems happiest when the whole family is together.  When everyone is home, he loves to go from room to room, checking on each one.  He spends time with Pop before bed every night, watches a little TV with him, it is their routine.  In the morning he will go into KaKa's room and have a chat with her.  Of course his most favorite person is his Mommy.  He follows her around, just talking and laughing.  He reminds me of Jake when Jake was small.  He would just blindly follow me around in circles.  It would make Bo and I laugh to watch him.  He would talk the whole way and never ask me why I was walking in circles.

I love my family so very much.  I am so proud of the man my son has become and I totally 100% LOVE the daughter he brought into our family, Scovia.  I couldn't have picked a better bride for him and daughter for us.  She was missing all those years and we didn't know it.  I am so glad she is HOME!!!  He told me that getting married was the best thing he ever did.  He loves being married and life didn't matter before Scovia.  I LOVE IT!!!

In exactly one Month from today, my Juliana Kimberly will be getting married.  She is marrying a good guy named Aaron.  I resisted Aaron at first.  I didn't like his gauges and tattoos.  They had a rocky start and I refused to let him into my house…yes, I was not nice about it.  But God changed all that.  He has made Aaron a part of our family and for that I am thankful.  His stocking came in the mail yesterday.  It was a good moment and everyone was very excited.  You know a stocking in the home means you belong…lol  I am proud of how they love each other and I have great hope and faith that they will be strong for each other because their love is so deep.

Now, my Kelcie is my baby.  She is a college girl and not here most of the time.  She feels the need to go out most nights because staying in just seems too boring.  I get it.  She has no one to answer to in Florida and when she comes home, Mom and Dad are all up in her business.  It's gotta be hard but it's not going to stop me from watching…it's who I am.  She has a year and a half left of college and I am proud of her because sticking it out is probably the hardest part about college.  I heard a saying once that it isn't the smartest people who make it in life, it's the one who doesn't give up, the one who sticks with it.  That is my Kelcie.  Now, she is extremely smart but she has the ability to stick with it and she will accomplish much.  I am so proud of my baby.

I will go through my day being thankful for all five of my kids and my grandson.  I will be thankful that God gave me a wonderful man to share my life with.  I will enjoy my blessed life today.

Bo & I with the kids at the beach one Thanksgiving…yes
Jake was very tan…lol

The family this year…I love the updates!!!

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