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Monday, December 17, 2012

He Heals The Broken Hearted

It's one week before Christmas and I do not feel prepared.  I have so much to do before Christmas Day and I just don't know when I am going to get it all done.  My husband has been extremely sick for almost a week, I got sick yesterday, we both have a final in our Greek Class on Tuesday Night (which we haven't studied for), plus all the regular stuff that gets let go when you are sick…AHHHHHHH!!!

It is almost 9am on Monday morning and Bo is in the shower, determined to go into the office for an hour.  Thankfully, our daughter is home from college and is going to drive him to work and back.  Henry is still upstairs watching TV in his Mama's room and I am in the kitchen on the computer, writing and talking to Kelcie.

I guess it's the rainy weather, the sickness in the home and the mourning in our country that is contributing to my teary eyes this morning.  I know we cannot live in fear but when things like this happen, fear tries to overtake our lives.  I just keep thinking about a message that my dad has preached, "Perfect love casts out all fear."  If we allow fear to overtake us than that will turn into hate and hate only leads to more death.  The opposite of love is not hate but fear.  We have to be careful not to let our fears become our driving force.  I have to force myself to think on the good things of life.  Focus on my blessed life.

I am not saying that we shouldn't mourn for the lives of those beautiful children and women whose lives were taken.  We have to mourn, we have to go through this process of grief.  Lives are precious and each of these lives were full of promise and possibilities.  I am saying that in our mourning, lets remember Who our source of comfort is.  God is love, His love will bring us through this.  He heals the broken hearted.

When I start thinking about the goodness of God, I start feeling hopeful, stronger and the tears of sorrow are replaced with tears of joy and thankfulness.  So I will take one day at a time and make sure that I don't overwhelm myself with anxious thoughts of "I have to get it all done."

Enjoy your day and embrace your blessed life today more than any other.

Some of Blessings From This Weekend
Our beautiful Victoria and Juliana

Lauren, Tori, Kelcie, Scovia, Jenna, My Mom & Juliana

My Henry William VanDyke & his Dinosaurs

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