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hope sign

Thursday, December 27, 2012


I love reading Blogs.  I have blogs that I read everyday or whenever they have a new post.  I try to read blogs that uplift my spirit and feed my soul.  I also love blogs that inspire me to think and to write.

This morning I read, The Lettered Cottage.   theletteredcottage.net  Her post was about choosing a Word of the Year.  She chooses a word that means something to her and will be a focus of the year.  I don't usually post comments on blogs, I am a silent reader.  But her blog really got me to thinking.  What would be my word of 2013, if I had to choose one?  I read some of the comments and there were several words that people had chosen for their word of the year.  Some chose, Exercise, Simply, Seek, Right…all kinds of words.

But what word will be a part of my life for 2013?  What word will inspire me and drive me and have special meaning to me?  Then it came to me, CHANGE.  Changes will be aplenty in my life this year.  But I need these changes to be more than just children moving out, more than just simplifying my home or clearing the clutter.  My desire is for the changes to impact me in a positive way.  These changes should make me a better person.  The changes need to draw me closer to the LORD.

I will write about the changes that are taking place.  I will share this journey with you.  What would you choose as your word of the year?  Think about it.  Let God speak to you.  He will guide you, change you, walk with you.

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