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Friday, December 28, 2012

Hopes for 2013

What to write on this last Friday of 2012?  This is an important question because my desire is to inspire you and encourage you and in the process, do the same for myself.  So today I will share with you my hopes for 2013.

Scovia and Jenna…crazy girls
I hope for Peace.  Peace for our communities and families.  Peace for our states and our country.  Peace for the world around us.  I know it sounds like I am answering a question for Miss America but it is a real need and desire.  No longer are we living in our own little peaceful world, we are surrounded by wars and killing of innocent children and adults alike.  But I have a hope because I know personally, The Prince of Peace.

Hatteras sunset 2012

I hope for Love.  That everyone I love lives a life full of love.  Love one another.  We are so blessed that we take love for granted but there are many out there who desire to be loved and can't seem to find it.  I pray that they find the love that God has for them.  I am not only talking about finding a spouse but to truly know that you are loved.  I have that with my husband and I pray that every lonely person can find it.

I hope for togetherness.  I love when my family is together.  I enjoy my kids and my grandson.  I love spending time with my sisters and brothers and parents.  My nieces and nephews are awesome.  My friends are the best there is.  I desire to spend more time with all the above.  To put off being together is a gamble because you never know if that was your last chance.  We all know that our next breath is not guaranteed.
Ronald, Christian
Me and Cheryl
Me and my sissys 

I hope to be more creative in 2013.  I want to write better, take better photos, decorate better, take chances with my creativity.

Keyaira, Bo and the kids on the beach in Hatteras, NC
It was our last day at the beach in June 2012

I desire to draw closer to The LORD.  That I will grow in my faith and walk the path that He has prepared for me.  To be what He has called me to be.  That I will not let Him down or others around me down.

Daddy praying…I love when my Daddy prays.  
I like that the New Year gives us a chance to think about the things we desire and the changes that we need to make.  It brings to our remembrance that we might need to reorganize and prioritize certain things in our lives.  Take the next couple of days to do this for your 2013.  What stands out to you.  Maybe you have let things go in 2012 that you didn't realize were getting neglected.  Maybe there are some things that you need to let go and turn away from.  Maybe you are walking the right path and need to take a moment to see that your life is in order and be thankful for God's goodness.

This will add to your Blessed Life.

Bo on the beach at Ocracoke, NC.
This was a wonderful day in September  2012.

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