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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beautiful Things

I love beautiful things.  I think that is one reason I love Christmas so much.  I love to see the lights of the tree(s) reflect in a mirror.  I am always amazed at how the tree glistens with beautiful ornaments.  Gold, silvers, glitter, reds, shiny things all over the house, in stores and on people.  Everything gets dressed up for the Christmas Season.

I love to get dressed up and what makes the outfit is the JEWELRY and the SHOES!!!  I have some favorites and they are SHINY!! I guess they are the ornaments to my tree…lol

You know a tree in the home is nice and the smell is wonderful but when you decorate that tree, something happens, it becomes part of the family.  It goes from being nice to being spectacular.  From year to year, you get out the same ornaments but each year your tree is more lovely than the year before.  It's amazing.

I get up in the morning and turn on all my Christmas trees in the house.  Yes, it's daylight but I don't care, I love my trees.

What are some beautiful things in your life?  I am posting some pictures of my favorite ornaments and beautiful things that I have.  Now, here's a disclaimer, I am not posting pics of my family because that goes without saying.  This is about some beautiful things not people…I hope you understand.

I found her sister in an Antique shop in
North East Maryland
One of these belonged to my Nanny 

A Waterford Christmas Tree
From my Mother in Law

This star glitters and spins…Love it
It's a gift from our Lovely Mona Toscani

Our beautiful flowers that are bringing me
such great joy this season

My Coffee cup from Vikie Triplett
Yes, I am having my morning coffee in it right now

My sister, Christian made this for me this year
It is covered in scripture pages straight from
an old Bible and it glitters…LOVE

Our Family Christmas Tree this year

One of my new houses…Lights change colors inside
I just love these houses

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