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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bumpkin dolls

I noticed something this morning as most of my family was headed off to work, my how life has changed.  I forgot to check the mail yesterday so Jake went out this morning to get it.  Of course there was a Christmas gift in there for Juliana.  No longer are the days of hiding gifts from my children.  They just know not to look in the packages or bags unless they want to ruin the surprise.  Of course they are enough like their father and me that they love surprises.

I remember the days of making everyone close their eyes as I came through the house with shopping bags after a night of Christmas shopping.  Even further back, when they were real little, I would take them shopping with me and tell them that what I was buying was for Jon & Matt or Lauren & Tori.  They believed me, I even got some, "Gosh, they are so super lucky."  I would laugh to myself with satisfaction.  I have found out since then that of course they would sneak a peek just like most kids.

Ronald, Christian, Me and in front
Cheryl on Christmas morning

One year when I was growing up, Christian found baby dolls that Mom and Dad had bought for us.  Baby dolls were our favorite and we got a new one every year, usually the same one just different color clothes or hair.  These were Bumpkin dolls.  There was one with a blue outfit, yellow outfit and pink outfit (I think it was pink).  Christian snuck me and Cheryl into Mom and Dad's room (which was always off limits), into their closet and there they were, three beautiful dolls.  We were so excited.  I knew that mine was the yellow one.  I always got the yellow one because Mom thought I looked good in yellow.  I wish I had saved that doll but I played with her all the time.  Christian was always our leader.

I have been doing a lot of my shopping online and so the packages come to the house.  I love that but I am looking forward to my Estep shopping day tomorrow.

Me, Mom & Christian

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