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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Adult Table and Traditions

Thanksgiving is one week and one day away.  This year is going to be a little different.  My brother and his family moved to Chicago, so that means six less at the dinner table.

In years past, we had 10 adults and around 17 kids…give or take a few.  I always put the adults in the dining room and we managed the kids in the kitchen/family room.  But we sort of ran into a little dilemma this year.  Most of the "kids" are now adults with some being married.  We no longer have the original 10 adults for the dining room and we are minus six people in the total sum.

With all the changes, I have decided to switch things up.  I am setting up one huge table in the kitchen/family room for everyone older than three.  The 3 under three are sitting at the little oak table that was my kids when they were babies.  We will use the dining room as a buffet area.

The upside is Lauren, Jake, Tori, Juliana & Kelcie won't have to fight for the "Adult" table.  Truthfully, we haven't had that fight for quite a few years.

I am very excited because I bought Henry, Presley & Jacob their own plates with their names on them.  The baby table is going to be so pretty and festive.  I just love decorating the tables.  Last year, we had Thanksgiving at Christian and Pat's house.  Christian filled out a card with what she was most thankful for, for each person.  I just love that idea.  It made everyone feel wanted and special.

On this 14th Day of Giving Thanks, I am thankful for traditions.  Some people think tradition is a bad word but to me it is a wonderful word.  I love the idea that I am handing down to the next generation something more than just material things.  I am giving them family values, memories, strength, love, a sense of belonging…TRADITION!!  It's in the traditions that we learn about community, family structure, our heritage, our faith, our place in this world when all else fails, it's our foundation.

This Thanksgiving we will sit around our extra large table and tell stories.  It will be so loud that at times some of us might walk into the front room for a little break from the noise but we will return to the crowd to laugh and enjoy one another.  We will feel the absence of Ronald, Kimberly, Gabe, Autumn, Ian and Nate but they will of course be a part of the conversation and stories.

Bo & Ronald
Bo & Nate

Daddy & Bo

Bo & Henry last Thanksgiving Day

Patrick, Bo & Ronald during Grace
Traditions add to my Blessed Life.  Start some this year or continue with the ones you have already started.

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