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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful Day 13--Christmas Cards

Thankful day 13--  I am thankful for Christmas Cards.  Not many people send them anymore but I love them.  I always feel amazed that someone remembered to send me one.

Our Christmas Tree last year
I think back to the first year I was married and how excited I was to send out Christmas cards.  Our church made up a list of all church members and we would bring the cards in and sort them out.  I couldn't wait to get my very first stack, addressed to Bo & Kim VanDyke or Mr. & Mrs. VanDyke.
I was even more excited to sign my first Christmas cards.  I practiced and got special colored pens.  I took real effort to pick out the best ones.

Back in 1989 we didn't take a Christmas picture but now it is something I look forward to.  I love getting my family together for this special occasion.  I think receiving picture cards are amazing.  I love when people make an effort for a special card.  I display them until all decorations are taken down.

This year we will have the whole family together for our Christmas picture.  I cannot explain how much this means to me.  Our family is constantly growing.  Added to the picture this year will be my son in law to be, Aaron and our daughter in law, Scovia.

Our Card from last year
If you stopped the tradition of sending out cards, remember that it just might make someones day.  I love opening up our Christmas decorations and finding the last card we ever received from Bo's Granny and from my Nanny.  We didn't know it would be their last but it was.  I didn't even know I saved them until the following year, now they are precious to me.

Christmas Cards add to my Blessed Life.

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