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Friday, November 16, 2012

Friends and Marriage

Thankful Day 15- I didn't get a chance to write yesterday so I am posting two today.  I am Thankful for a chance to spend some time with my sister in law Wendy yesterday.  We live like 2 miles apart and we hardly ever get to spend time together.  We worked together for 7 years and she was my boss.  There are some people you connect with right away and that was Wendy for me, over 24 years ago.
Wendy Smith adds to my blessed life.

Wendy and my beautiful niece, Emily

Wednesday I felt sick all day.  I had chills and no strength.  My mind was racing with things that need to be done for Friday Night Light (which is tonight), Thanksgiving and Juliana's wedding.  When you don't feel well, your emotions are really high.  I told Bo that I felt like I was going to burst into tears at any moment. 

After he got home he talked to me about my day and why I was feeling so overwhelmed.  He turned the heat way up in the house so I could try and get warm.  Come to find out, he had an extremely stressful day as well.  I listened to his rough day and then we just sat.  We just sat on the couch and relaxed, wrapped up in a blanket or two.  

Our circumstance didn't change but talking to each other gave us peace and support.  So on Day 16 of being Thankful I want to acknowledge my marriage.  I am thankful for arms of my husband that bring me such peace, security and comfort.  I am thankful for his hands that with just a touch I can feel the warmth of his love.  I love to hold his hand, it just fits perfectly with mine.  I am thankful for his compassion for me and others.  I am thankful that we communicate well with each other (most of the time).  I am thankful for my marriage.  It's not a 50/50 thing, it's 110%/110%.  

I am blessed and I am so thankful.


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