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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Day Six--Strong Christian Women in My Life

Thankful Day Six--Strong Christian Women who have influenced my life.

I grew up around a lot of Strong Christian Women.  Women who stood with their husbands and some who stood even when their husbands didn't stand with them.

We hear a lot about boys needing men to set an example of what a Godly man should be.  The same applies to girls.  Girls need women to show them how to grow to be strong women of God.  They need to see that just because you are strong does not make you less feminine or girly.  You can be a leader and a servant.  The best leaders are servants.  It's okay to be a wife and mother, society tries to make you feel less of a person when you don't work outside of the home.  Girls need to learn that they are more than their looks and how they dress.  They need strong women to show them how to be modest without looking like you are 100 years old.  How to be graceful but not a pushover.  We have so many things to learn from women who have already experienced life and all it has to offer.  To warn the girls of dangers and to take them under their wing and show them that they are special to God and to the family of God.  It helps give them purpose and security.  A place to belong…In The Land Of Women.  We are all connected, it's a great revelation to a young insecure girl.

So today, I look around and see who these women are.  I give them honor and a big thank you for touching my life and making me the woman I am today.  Yes, you are all to blame…lol

Lorraine Estep, Alice Spindler, Sis. Hawkins, Barbara Jackson, Hope Crigger, Geri Sharp, Trudy Barr, Julia Courts, Roberta Dunn, Mary Marsh, Ann Bradley…some have influenced me from birth, some only had a span of time in my life because of circumstances or death and some are new but ALL have given me strength and insight.  So Thank You my dear friends.  Thank you for investing time and energy into my life.  Thank you for praying for me and loving me enough to be truthful and even when you corrected me, you always did it in love and with great grace.

Mom & I singing in The Philippines…She taught me to
Worship God no matter how HOT is outside…lol

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