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Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful Day 2-Being Raised in a Godly, Loving Home

Let me start today's post with what I am thankful for.  I think that starting off with what we are thankfulness steers our thoughts and attitudes for the day.

Mom & Dad with Henry at his Christening 

Thankful Day 2--I am thankful for being raised in a Godly, loving home.  My parents, Ronald and Lorraine Estep, always taught us to treat others with respect and to be kind even when we thought we were right (which I always did think I was right).  They taught us that God loves us no matter what happens or what we do.  Only we have the power to walk away from God because He will never walk away from us.  They taught us how to love one another and our spouses.  Our home was full of peace and love and GOD.  We sat down as a family every night for dinner around the table.  We had rules that must be obeyed and never did we have the right to disrespect our parents or our elders.  We could not use the words,"I hate you," because that meant you wished someone dead and no matter how mad you were, you wouldn't wish them dead.  Words cannot be taken back so even when you are angry, weigh your words.

Mom & Dad still just love to be with each other

Thank you Mom and Dad for these lessons that have guided me in raising my own children.  I continue to build my home and life on these principles.  Thank you for loving me unconditional and for instilling in me a love for the LORD and His people.  Thank you!

I wasn't planning on making this my entire post today but as I am pressed for time this morning because of my inability to get up early, I must go.  I have to get my hair done today and for this I cannot be late. Something that I have learned over the years, When you are late for an appointment, you are stealing from the person you have the appointment with.  One thing you can never get back is time, be aware of the time that you give to others and be careful that you do not steal their time with your careless behavior.  Just a little food for thought.

Don't forget to think about what you are thankful for today in our month of Thanksgiving.  It will only add to your Blessed Life.
Kelcie, Henry & Mom in Hatteras
Juliana, Kelcie & Papa Estep

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