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Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's An Estep Girl Tradition

A couple of years ago, my sisters and I decided that waiting until after Thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music just did not give us enough time to really enjoy all the different versions of some of our favorite songs.  So as a group, we made today the Estep Sisters Official Start of the Christmas Music Season.

The Originals
Cheryl, Christian & Kimi Estep 

Christmas music has always been one of our favorite parts of Christmas.  I guess it stems from when we were little girls dancing around the apartment in Moms long slip and her afghans.  Mom only had one long slip so we had to improvise to make our long ball gowns.  So we used the afghans that mom had and wrapped them around our little bodies to make a ball gown.  We would dance and laugh and pretend that we were at an old fashioned ball with handsome princes.  It was the most fun when the Christmas tree was up and all the lights were out except for the tree.

Christmas Cookie Day 2011 at
my house

 Usually my love, Bo, doesn't appreciate the tradition that my sisters and I have started.  This morning he turned instrumental Christmas music on his phone and played it loud so that I would wake up to it.  I knew I loved him but this just was the sweetest thing.  I am so glad that I found my prince to forever dance with no matter what music is playing.

All The Estep Girls
Kimi, Christian, Cheryl and Kimberly

We can start planning out the holiday season.  Thanksgiving and Christmas is the best time of the year. I am going to start my, "I'm Thankful For…" today.  For the month of November, each day I will post at least one thing that I am thankful for.  It will not always be the subject of my post but it will be a part of it.  I will try to post a pic of what I am thankful for as well.

I am Thankful For Kenneth D. VanDyke, III "BO".  He is the greatest husband, father, friend, man.  I am so very blessed to have him in my life.  He is my home, heart, laughter, love and everything.

I love this pic of him.  He still makes me laugh and that
just makes my love go deeper.  He is amazing.


  1. I love us and I'm thankful for you and for your blog! We are awesome! LOL I love the pics of us laughing because we look like our beautiful mama. We might not have a whole lot of money, but we have always had alot of love. Happy Holidays my peeps! and P.S. Your hubby is listening to Christmas music at work today too :) This makes me smile! ROCK ON

  2. I love us too. I love our family and the way we love each other. Our childhood was amazing and we always knew we were loved. Blessed we are!!!