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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful Day 11 & !2…The Goldsteins & The Internet

I missed Thankful day 11 so I am going to play catchup this morning. 

 So for Thankful day 11, I am thankful for my sister Cheryl and her husband Jack.  They invited us to their beach house this past weekend and we all had a blast.  It was a small break that Bo & I needed.  We enjoyed just being together and visiting a small town near the beach with its little shops and old time charm.  I am so grateful to them for this weekend.  

Thankful Day 12- Today I am thankful for the Internet.  I know this seems like a strange topic but the Internet has allowed me to daily connect to people that I don't see even once a year.  It keeps me in contact with my niece and nephews in Chicago who I miss terribly.  The Internet kept me in constant contact with my son and his bride while they were living in Africa.  Because of the Internet, I get to Face Time with my daughter, Kelcie at school in Florida.  

I love getting on Pinterest and seeing what my childhood friend, Pearl Sanborn pins.  We have similar tastes and I just love to see what she finds.  My cousin Jeanie in North Carolina says the funniest things on Facebook along with my cousin Jerry.  I think Jerry and Jeanie are two of the funniest people I know.  

Reading blogs about life with little children or large families shows me that Family is still where the heart is in America.  It is not a focus of the news or even with our government but it is very much alive in the hearts of every day Americans.  

Now that this terrible election is over and we can focus on other things, I enjoy the Internet even more.  I can get on Facebook without being harassed by liberal agendas and liberal bullying.  That has stopped, hopefully.  But the beauty of the Internet is that if I don't like it or agree, I can go look at something else.  

Some call the Internet evil but I say that anything can be used as tool for good or evil.  So, I will continue to connect with friends far and near.  I will continue to read blogs about family, crafts, decorating and photography.  I will shop in my fat pants and sweatshirt.  I will read writings from my friend Lori Willey who is truly a gifted writer with such insight into the WORD that can easily be understood and applied to our lives.  I will upload pictures and look at pictures of those I love.  

It's like the song on "Parent Trap", the first one, "Let's get together yeah yeah yeah…".  That's what this incredible invention has the ability to do…getting us back together.  Yes, it sounds romantic and very simplistic but I don't care.  Think what you want but I choose to use this tool for good.  

I hope you all have a wonderful day and continue to enjoy your Blessed Life.

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