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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shop Local…The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Good morning.  Today I just wanted to give a plug to Shop local.  We should all support the small business owners.  I do realize that the convince of a one stop shop.  But I know what small businesses provide America.  I love what has been happening the past couple of years with a focus on small business during the Christmas season.

I cannot go shopping today but I will be making my way to the small businesses near me in the coming weeks.  We have some great shops near us, like Silver n Sassy in North East, Sonia Rose in Lancaster and Details in Lancaster…these are just some of my favorites.  My sister Cheryl and I will be making a day of shopping local, like we did last year.  I bought some of my most precious decorations from local small businesses AND we had a great time meeting the owners and having little chats.

So go out and support your local small businesses today and all through this wonderful Christmas season.  It is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!

Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving Day!

Daughter in love, Scovia…so beautiful

My beautiful Juliana trying to hold on to
Henry and Jacob (who is falling)

Our great friends, John & Julia Courts

My Amazing Parents, Ronald & Lorraine Estep

My beautiful Great Nephew and Godson, Jacob Niles

The Three Greats,
Jacob, Presley & Henry

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