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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home & Bubba Teeth

On this Thanksgiving Eve morning, I am all nice and warm in my cozy house with all my children, grandson & husband.  Dora is on in the family room, I am at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, Juliana is in the shower and everyone else is still in bed.  Without Dora playing, it would be very quiet in the house.  Outside there is frost on the neighbors front lawn.  It is a silvery white and glistens in the morning sun.  Henry said it is pretty.

Today I am thankful for my home.  We have lived here a little over 8 years.  Of course I can look around and see everything that needs to be fixed but today I choose to look around and see God's provision.  I am loving the memories that have been made in my home.  The family gatherings, the snow days with a fire in the stove, the way too early Christmas mornings and the way too late school nights.  We have had wedding receptions, birthday parties, high school and college graduation parties, baby showers, domino wars, coloring extravaganzas, family game nights, bingo game night with 30 people all trying to win bubba teeth…this is a house where anything can happen.

Still dark outside, Christmas morning

The kids that same morning

I remember last Christmas break, Kelcie and I stayed up all night watching season one of Downton Abbey.  I kept saying, "After this episode, I have to go to bed" and then I would watch the next one until we had watched them all.  We were snuggled on the couch with a snack or two and the trees were all lit up.  It was a good night.


The Thanksgiving that Matt proposed to CeCe

Our home is full of memories and love.  No matter if we lived in a mansion or a small apartment, home is where your heart is.  I am thankful for our home.

Henry's first birthday party

Pop reading Henry a story

Last Christmas…tree in family room

Nate making a domino wonder

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