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Saturday, November 17, 2012

To Touch The Life of A Child

Thankful Day 17-Today I am thankful for the opportunity to touch the life of a child.  I am thankful that I have the honor of telling them about Jesus.  I try to remember that I may be the only "Jesus" they see.

God is love and that is what I long to show the kids who come to Friday Night Light.   We were created to learn, love, have fun, be a part of a community.  We try to make FNL full of fun and full of Jesus.  November FNL was all about Giving Thanks.  Bo & Jack with helpers Abby and Brady acted out the first Thanksgiving and Bo followed that with scripture.  We sing songs and dance like crazy people, especially Jacob and Presley.  This month we had a festival of games, snacks, crafts, face painting all with prizes.  It was crazy and loud and almost seemed like unorganized chaos but it was just what we had planned.  Enjoying the children that God placed in our care for 21/2 hours.  It's never a waste of a Friday Night when you spend it investing in the life of a child or several children.

When the kids come into Friday Night Light I see the future of The Church.  Not just CTK but the church as a whole.  They cannot pass on what we do not teach them.  It is our responsibility to teach them…it is our honor.

So when I feel overwhelmed and start to wonder if I am making an impact at all, I have to remember WHY I do it.  My only answer is Love compels me.  I love them so I must tell them, teach them, be there even when my body is tired and my mind is exhausted.  Love requires this of me.  Love for the children and Love for The LORD.

Jake at the end of FNL tonight…Clean up was fun

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