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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Tow's (cows) Houf (house)

This year, Henry is really enjoying all the aspects of fall.  On Tuesday, my father in law purchased HUGE pumpkins at an auction.  They were so big that only eight of them would fit in his pickup truck.  He got them for $8 a piece.  When Henry saw the huge pumpkins he became extremely excited.

Henry sitting on Poppie's huge Pumpkins
We didn't stop there.  When I saw how excited Henry was, I asked Bo to take us to the Amish farm to get mums so we could decorate.  It was muddy and drizzling outside but I figured, we were already dirty from getting the pumpkins off the truck that we might as well finish the job.  We decided that Jake & Scovia should go with us.  This would be Scovia's first trip to the Esh's farm where we get our flowers.

The walk around the Esh farm
Uncle Jake & Henry taking a walk

Henry was loving the farm.  He loves animals and they have plenty.  When we first got out of the truck, he gasped…there was a horse right there.  He says, "horsey…neigh".  Henry does a great horse impression.  Uncle Jake and Aunt Scovia walked him around to the calf in his little house.  Henry says, "It's the tow's (cows) houf (house)".  Pop showed him how to let the calf suck on his hand.  Henry then decides to fling the calf spit off his hand…that was gross.

Pop letting the calf suck on Henry's hand
He got to see the chickens and turkeys.  He was on cloud nine.  When we got home, he helped his Aunt Scovia and Grammy decorate with the pumpkins and mums, outside.

I love seeing things through the eyes of a child.  Grandchildren renew that in you.  Henry sees things as exciting and if they aren't exciting, he makes it that way.  I am so thankful for this little boy and the life he brings into our lives.  He loves us with abandon and he gives us his total trust.  Even in the mess of living with a toddler, I know that he adds to our Blessed Life.
Our purchase

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