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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lilly Grace

October is Infant/Pregnancy Loss and SIDS Awareness month.  It's a time for us to remember the babies who too soon went to be with Jesus.  People of course don't like to talk about these things because it's hard for us to wrap our minds around not being with our babies or grand babies.  

Personally I hadn't ever experienced the loss of a child and I didn't realize or understand that when you lose a child through miscarriage you feel the loss just as strong.  I had sympathy for those who did but I was detached from the situation.  It wasn't until my daughter lost her baby that it hit home with me.  

So today I want to remember my grand daughter, Lilly Grace Hall VanDyke.  We never got to hold her but we love her and think of her often.  We know she is in the arms of Jesus and with loved ones who have gone before us. I have nieces and/or nephews in heaven that are with our Lilly.  I think of them and how beautiful heaven must be because of all those beautiful babies.  

I know this is a different kind of post but I wanted to honor life today.  Even if that life wasn't here for very long.  These lives  had an impact on our lives and they are a part of us.  These babies are loved and never forgotten.  


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