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Monday, October 15, 2012

Jake & Scovia VanDyke…Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, Bo & I were in Uganda, Africa.  Our son was marrying a young woman named Scovia.  We had only met her a couple of days before the wedding but it was an instant connection.

I remember fighting back the tears as I watched my son walk down the aisle to his spot in the front of the Cathedral.  I could see that little boy with blonde hair and huge brown eyes playing and running and sitting on my lap.  I could see the first time they put him on my chest.  He was crying and the only thing I could say was that he looked like Lauren when he cries.  Jake became my little buddy.  He was my first shadow.  I could walk around the kitchen and through the dining room into the living room several times without stopping and Jake would follow.  He would be talking and talking and talking but he never noticed that we were just walking without a purpose.  I would laugh because he didn't notice.

Now my baby boy has been married a year.  In this year Jake & Scovia have been through so much.   For most of the year they lived in Kampala, Uganda and in August they moved to the US.  They have had to make many adjustments and just like any first year, they have had to learn how to compromise.

I am so proud of both of them.  I want to wish them a Happy Anniversary!  I look forward to what the second year has to bring.  I pray that God blesses them and continues to expand their love for each other.  Scovia is a great addition to our family.  I couldn't have picked a better person for my son to love.  

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