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hope sign

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Walk

Last week, Henry and I decided to go for a little fall walk.  Looking at the leaves and jumping around, it was great fun.  Of course I had my phone and took a couple of pics…like 25 (I have a little problem).  

We just walked around our yard because Juliana has been using my car so we stayed close to home.  We have a great yard with all the leaves anyone could ever want.  I do believe that the whole neighborhoods leaves end up here.  But we have woods and hills on our property so it makes for a great nature walk.  Here are some pics from our walk.

I told Henry to look at me…He made his
eyes bigger so he could see me better, I guess

Our shadows…Henry thought this was cool

I love the shadows of the trees in the side yard

I guess he was tuckered out…he just sat down
and then laid back.  He is too much

He is running in his fireman rain boots that
Uncle Andy and Aunt Colleen got him
for his birthday…He loves them

I enjoy our days together.  Juliana works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at our office so I get to spend time with my grandson.  I know he won't be little for long and I want to be there for everything.  He loves to explore and learn new things.  I cherish these moments together.  

The wonderment at the different color leaves, the giggles at the crunchy leaves…if we could bottle up that excitement we would be millionaires.  I am so thankful for my little man.

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