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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friday Night Light Preparation

Today I have been very busy getting ready for Friday Night.  At our church, the third Friday of the month is Friday Night Light.  It is a time when children ages 3 through fifth grade can come to the church and have a mini VBS.  We have worship, WORD, crafts, games, snack and an AWESOME time!

This month our theme is the Plagues of Egypt.  My job is the craft.  Now there were so many things that I could have done because I had 10 plagues to choose from.  But in true Kimberly VanDyke fashion, I chose to do ALL 10 in one craft.

This is a mock up of what the mask may look like
We are making a Plagues mask.  Each plague will be represented on the mask in some way.  This has been a test of my imagination.  I do believe that my favorite is the lice which I have represented by googly eyed spiders on the mask.  I love it.  I also took flesh colored foam sheets and cut out circles.  Placing them on ZOTS makes the circles stand out.  The circles are now BOILS…YUCK!!!  I think this theme is super cool.

Last month we did Jesus is the light of the world.  We made lanterns to light our way.  Friday Night Light is an outreach to preschool and elementary children.  We don't want to just whisk into their lives one week a summer.  Our desire is touch their lives on a constant basis.  To show that Christ The King Church loves them and cares about what happens in their daily life.  To be the light of the world, even if that world is only in a three block area.  This is our second month for FNL.  We are hoping to grow each month.

The lanterns the children made

Lanterns with the lights out…battery
operated candles

Snack time
Our goal is to touch whole families for Christ.  We know that Jesus is the answer and it is our responsibility to share what we know.  All this preparation is worth it!!  I want to be part of someone else's Blessed Life.

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