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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Tummin, I Tummin

"DAMMMMYYYY, DAMMMMMY, you downtairs?  Yes, Henry, I'm downstairs.  I Tummin Dammy, I tummin downtairs."  This is the conversation that I just had with my grandson.  He then hollered for his mommy that he was going downstairs with me.  This boy cracks me up.

I was just thinking about all the things on my list to do today and when I heard that sweet voice, my whole body just relaxed and I smiled.  This is the effect that Henry has on me (most of the time).  He brings a smile to my face even when he is being rowdy and misbehaving.
When I was working on my craft for Friday Night Light yesterday, Henry decided that everything on the table belonged to him.  He wanted so bad the animals that I had bought for the craft.  Well, I gave him his own.  He kept saying thank you and in his little excited voice said, "YES" while pumping his little fist in pure joy.

His animals set up on the kitchen table

These days are going fast.  Too soon this little guy will be in school and no longer all day with me three days a week.  So I am savoring each day that he is with me, playing, singing, running and messing up my family room with his toys.  I remember the days not that long ago when there were no toys and babies running around.  Our home was quiet and cleaner.  I would think, this place needs children, little children.  Now we have one.  I look forward to more grandchildren, more toys, more mess.  Nothing is more important than family.  

Children are a huge part of my BLESSED LIFE!

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