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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wonder Woman or Crazy Lady??

This weekend I had all my kids in the house at the same time.  It has been over a year since that has happened so I breathed it all in very deeply.  Kelcie was so excited to come home for the weekend.  She hadn't seen her brother since she left for college in August 2011 and she hadn't ever met his bride, Scovia.

The years have flown by.  At times when my children were all little, finding a quiet place seemed like only a dream.  Then before I knew it, they were all grown.  Now, Bo & I look forward to having everyone home, sitting around the table or just watching a movie in the same room.  So this weekend was a great treat for us.

When I look at Henry, I see all three of my kids.  His looks are so much like his Uncle Jake but he can make faces that bring his mommy or Aunt KaKa (what he calls Kelcie) to the surface.  I babysit Henry three days a week and I am impressed with myself 20 years ago.  Twenty years ago I had a two year old, a one year old and one on the way.  Today I wonder, how did I even get a shower much less make dinner, do the laundry, go anywhere.  I was a wonder woman or was I a dirty, hungry, stay at home all the time person?  I do remember days of getting a shower at night when Bo was home because there wasn't a moment during the day.  Good times were had by all.

Henry helping Pop make Potato Leek soup
He loves to cook and he loves to help

Jake, Juliana and Kelcie are now 22, 21 & 19.  Jake is married, Juliana is a mommy and getting married in January and Kelcie is a Junior in college.  Life has taken many turns and has brought many surprises but I am so thankful for the blessings of all my children.  Our family has expanded and will continue to expand.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for The VanDyke's.  Marriages, babies, love, togetherness…It's all part of My BLESSED LIFE!

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