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Friday, September 21, 2012

Tookin Tookies with Grammy

Yesterday I decided it was time that Henry & I made cookies together for the first time.  I mean he has been around when I made cookies but this time he gets to wear an apron and hold a spoon.  We got Scovia to help us and boy did we have a good time.

At first Henry refused to wear an apron until he noticed that his Aunt Stove (Scovia) and Grammy had one on.  He helped hold on to the hand mixer and put in the sugar and other dry ingredients. When his mother walked in Henry said, "Mommy, Dammy (Grammy) tookin (cooking) tookies (cookies).  I tookin, I tookin".  It was super cute.

We had a great time.  Baking is something I did with all three of my children and now with my grandson.  Now my children can all do some cooking and one day Henry will too.

Henry wearing Autumns apron

He is saying "Cheeeeesssseeee"

first batch out of the oven…so good
The apron Henry is wearing is the one my niece Autumn made for her Uncle Bo many years ago when she was a Dora fan.  Her handprints are on the apron with the name Dora because that is what Bo called her.  So I sent her the picture of Henry wearing her apron.

Kelcie & Autumn…miss my girls

Uncle Bo, Kelcie & Autumn last Christmas
Making memories with my grandson and daughter in law and including memories of my niece made the day special.

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