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hope sign

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lovely days

There is something about the beach that just makes me happy.  I love listening to the waves lap on the shore.  I love the blinding sun in the morning when I walk out onto my deck.  The breeze all day is refreshing and renews the mind.  The beach just screams, "You must relax if you are staying".

This week we have brought Jake, Scovia, Juliana, Aaron, Henry, Ethan, Christian & Patrick with us.  We all piled into the great room on Sunday Night to watch the Ravens beat the Patriots.  It was intense but a great time.  Only Henry had to go to bed early.  Of course he is two so I guess it really wasn't early for him.  Monday we spent the morning sitting by the water, walking up and down the beach, playing in the sand with Henry, playing football with the guys and watching Ethan on his skim board.  It was a glorious morning followed by a late lunch in Buxton and buying some groceries.  We find that 10 people eat a whole lot of food.
Henry loving the water.  

When you write it down it sounds as if we were busy but we weren't.  All these things took place over several hours.  The in between times we just relaxed or slept.  I of course always go into photo overload.  Taking pictures of everything and everybody.

Sunset…no editing here.  This photo is all God's work, not mine.
I am so thankful for this week in our home away from home.  I love that my sister & her family could join us.  I'm amazed at the goodness of the LORD.  He knows what we need when we need it.

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