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hope sign

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Quiet Moments

In the rare quiet moments of the morning my thoughts can wander, remember, dream.  Oh how I love the quiet moments.  To be alone with my thoughts…the quiet.  It's in these times that I look outside my window and enjoy the blessings around me.

What are the blessings around you?  I see beauty in the flowers on the deck that have bloomed all summer long and are HUGE!!  I love to breath in the fragrance of the herbs growing in the containers on the table outside the kitchen the window.  The way the light bounces off the trees in the morning brings me joy.  I see the crape myrtle and its few blossoms on the ends of this very large tree because it needs more sunlight.

Bo & I
A quiet moment watching the rain
After Juliana's baby shower
It's so quiet in the house right now.  This is a rare moment in the VanDyke household.  I cherish it for what it is…a moment.  Do I want my house to be quiet like this all the time? NO!  I love life and the noise that goes with a life full of loved ones around.  But it is in the quiet when I feel that I can almost hear the heart beat of God in His creation.

My mother in law has always told me that her favorite part of the day is the early morning.  She loves to watch the sun come up.  When I was younger, I never understood why someone would want to be up before the sun but now I am gaining an appreciation for her perspective.

Cherish the quiet moments and embrace the noise.  It's all part of what makes a BLESSED LIFE!!!

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