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hope sign

Monday, September 10, 2012

One eyed Pirate

Exercised this morning with my best friend, Sarah.  She is keeping me accountable to my vow to exercise.  This morning, she was my wake up buzz…lol.  I told her it must have been God because when she got to my house, I was still asleep.  Sound asleep in my warm bed next to my hubby, all comfy cozy.  Then I hear a faint buzz from my phone.  I barely heard the buzz but it woke me up out of a sound sleep.  The message, "Are u working out".  You know when  you wake up and have to read something and only one eye works, well that was me, reading with one eye-like a pirate.  I responded yes and got up.  
Sarah and I in Fenwick for a Sisters Weekend
this summer

By the time I got downstairs, Sarah was well into her workout.  She amazes me.  She almost never misses and its not even in her basement.  I have trouble getting up and going down two flights to the basement.  She keeps me accountable.  

We all need people in our lives that keep us motivated and accountable.  Sarah helps me refocus when I start to wander away from exercising.  She knows me and knows that I really need to do this even when I don't want to.  

I find that making a vow is much easier than keeping one.  For the first 7 months, I exercised about 5 days a week, NO PROBLEM.  Then I went on vacation and the struggle began.  I got out of my routine and decided that I really like sleeping in.  When my thought process turned from, "I am feeling so much better because of exercise" to "Man, I just want to stay in bed.  I like sleeping in.  I don't have to do this all the time", I started acting on the new thoughts.  Every action starts with a thought.  Let me say that again, EVERY ACTION STARTS WITH A THOUGHT!!!  So in order to get my body back into submission, I need to get my thoughts back into submission.  That means reading material that inspires me to exercise and eat right.  Think about the good things that exercising and eating right will bring into my life.  

Sarah sent this to me…encouraging me to
keep on.  It encouraged me and it encouraged her to
keep it up.
Next I must plan. Be prepared to do the work.  Get my clothes together and make sure my socks are where I can get to them easy.  I call it giving feet to my thoughts.  Shopping for food that I should be eating instead of shopping for food to "cheat" with.  Just like marriage, Don't put yourself in a situation where you will be tempted to cheat.  

Now, this is all easy to say because I have just "reunited" with my exercise plan.  I call it the "honeymoon phase".  But when my exercise plan interferes with my sleeping and eating fun, I will see just how committed I am to this new plan.  

Day One Complete.  I have the resources I need to succeed.  My friend, Sarah, the equipment in the basement, the right mindset, the clothes, shoes, time and the food.  So here we go!!!!  Loving my BLESSED LIFE!

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