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Friday, September 7, 2012

Memory Hoarder

This morning I was going through my not so new purses to donate and I was surprised at how difficult it is.  Evidently, I am a "Holder".  I hold onto things that I don't use anymore.  Why???  Because I am a memory hoarder.  As I pulled each purse out of my closet, there was a memory attached and a fear.  The memories of course were all pleasant ones but the fear wasn't about the past but about the future..."What if".

The "What if" fear is very real.  What if the person who bought it for me gets their feelings hurt?  What if I find that I could have used that in the future?  What if, What if, What if!!!!

I like things that have sentimental value…memories…love.  I use Kelcie's owl coffee mug (that is strange) just because I miss her and it makes me feel close to her.  Now I laughed at her when she bought the thing because it has huge eyes and is not at all what I wanted to drink my coffee out of.  But since she is away at college, I use it a lot.  I even gave my mother in law her coffee in it, but that was just to get a reaction, which I did.

This is one strange cup but it is what I am drinking my
coffee out of right now.

I succeeded in filling a big black trash bag with purses from my closet.  I didn't give away any of my favorites but some of them I am very fond of.  When Bo came out of the shower, I said to him, "Look I made some holes in our closet."  He didn't seem to be too impressed but I was.  I DID IT!!!!  I am proud of myself and the lesson I learned.  What's the lesson??  Now I have room for new ones…lol

I do like purses and shoes and clothes…stuff, but I love giving more than anything.  So I am glad I did it!  These purses will help raise money for the Cecil College Scholarship Fund on September 13th at their Little Black Dress Event.

The purses didn't hold the memory, it's in me.  I am the keeper of the memory and memories are a huge part of my BLESSED LIFE.

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