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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Aunt Scobia!!!!

Yesterday, my great niece, Presley, met my daughter in law for the first time.  As soon as she saw Scovia, she knew who she was and that Scovia is family.  Presley wasn't afraid of meeting this stranger for the first time.  Why?  Because Scovia wasn't a stranger to Presley.

For the past year Jake & Scovia have been in Africa but they have been very much a part of the family in every activity, thought and speech.  Our family included Jake & Scovia in our family gatherings by using SKYPE or FaceTime so Presley, Jacob and Henry got to see them even though they were in another country.  But even more than that, we talked about them often.  We didn't allow the kids to forget their Uncle and we made sure they knew about their new Auntie.

What is important to us as parents and grandparents, we talk about.  We show how we feel about someone or something with the inflection in our voice and the look on our face.  Children notice all these things.  When they are very young, they take our feelings and words as Gospel Fact.  They usually don't even question it.  If someone says something that they are not sure of, children will look at their parents and ask, "Do we believe that?"  not "Do you believe that".  They believe what the parents believe.

So when Scovia came to the car to see Aunt Cheryl and Presley, Presley did not hesitate when she recognized Scovia.  She said, "Ahhh, Hi Aunt Scobia".  Presley and Aunt Scobia played together and now they are best friends...lol.

Scovia (Aunt Scobia) & Presley
BFF's forever
The moral of this story is that we have to be very careful what words we use around our children.  Life and death lie within the tongue.  Speak words that will add to their lives.  Such a responsibility but it is worth it.   It will add to living your BLESSED LIFE.

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