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hope sign

Friday, August 17, 2012


Tonight is our last night of VBS!!!  I have loved our VBS this year but I am thankful that tonight is the last night.  Our kids have so much energy that doesn't seem to diminish through the evening.  Actually, it seems to energize them.

Our theme has been, God's Promises.  I have realized that it isn't only for the children.  I have been totally blessed by thinking about the Promises of God.  I am with you; I care about you; I give you what you need; I will save you; I will answer you.  These are all promises that we can hold onto when times get tough or when we are scared.  Let's face it, even though we are adults, we still get scared, feel lonely, still have questions.  I have been reminded this week of the Promises that God has made us.

I love to be there when it clicks with the VBS kids.  You can see when everything comes together in their minds.  Amazing.  Last night, my Crew were full of questions for each of the teachers.  They love to pray and they love information.  I have the older group and I have to say that I love this age.  I always preferred the preschoolers but this year I have enjoyed the 5th graders.  My girls all have very interesting names and personalities.

Our opening time and closing times have been very lively and exciting.  The preschoolers join us and we dance and sing.  Everyone is very eager to share what they know and have just learned.  It's loud and wonderful.

VBS is a ton of work and a true commitment but when you get to see a small child learn about the love of Jesus, it is all worth it.  We have a great director of VBS (Denise Kerns) and she has some fabulous helpers (Vikie Triplett is her right hand lady) .  It takes a small village to get it all done but WOW, what a time we have had.

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