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Friday, August 24, 2012

Juliana Kimberly

I have been checked in my home regarding my posts.  I have a daughter who has noticed that she has not been the subject of one of my posts yet.  I realize that I tend to write about the ones that I miss.  Juliana lives in my home still so I guess I take it for granted the fact that she is here.  It is something that I have noticed in others but not myself...so sorry!!!

Juliana Kimberly...So precious
I shouldn't take it for granted because in a few short months, my little Juliana Kimberly will be a married woman.  January 19th, she will leave our home and start a new life with Aaron and Henry.  See when I think about this I just want to go hide and remember the days of rocking her in my arms singing her to sleep.  Her little round body and beautiful eyes just amazed me.  I couldn't believe that I had such a beautiful daughter.  I sang to her every day:

Juliana Kimberly
Your as precious as can be
And I love you
Juliana Kimberly

It was a simple song with a simple tune but it put her to sleep.  I could sing it fast and hard when she was fussing or slow and quiet when she was calm.  

The day she was born her Daddy kissed me and said, "Thank you, she is my dream come true".  He was so excited that he went out and bought up Macy's baby girl section, I think.  He came home with a car full of goodies...everything PINK!!!  She adored him from day one too.  

Juliana and Jake...going to see the Nutcracker for the first time.  She was super excited!!!

Me, Kelcie and Juliana
Kelcie, Me and Juliana...matching pj's

Juliana & her daddy...Henry's there too but he's not visible yet

I am so thankful for my first baby girl.  We all know that no matter where she goes or how old she is, she will forever be my baby girl...Juliana Kimberly.  She is a wonderful mother already and she will make a wonderful wife.  I am very proud of her and love her more than words can express!!!

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