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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day at the park

My younger sister, Cheryl & I are both grandmothers.  She will be 40 in 11 days and I just turned 41 in July.  She has 2 grandchildren, Presley & Jacob and they call her Granna.  I have 2 grandchildren (Lily in heaven) and Henry, he calls me (kinda) Grammy.  Cheryl and I are very close and we both take care of our 1 of our grandchildren.

Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to go to the park with Henry and Presley.  Boy, the park always sounds like a good idea.  Thankfully this park was bug free but not heat free.  These babies played and played till they were soaking wet.

I love to watch their little legs go.  Presley has some length to her legs but poor Henry, he has short little legs so he has to really run to keep up.  They climbed and went down the same slide for the first half hour.  They laughed and squealed with delight.  They love each other very much.

Presley announced that she was Pocahontas and Henry is John Smif (Smith).  Imagination & Youthful Energy...ahhhh to be so lucky.  I still have the imagination but my energy is not what it once was.  But we had a good day that ended at McDonalds sharing a drink and a plain sundae.

Henry & Presley running to the playground

Henry on his way to the tube slide

Presley just coming down the slide....her hair made me laugh more than once

Henry saying Cheese at the top of the slide.

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