hope sign

hope sign

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Well here we are sitting at the airport waiting for our plane home.

I find it funny how we are always looking forward to going somewhere but it doesn't take long until we are ready for home. Home is more than just a house or location but it is the people.

Gosh I miss everyone. Can't wait to see my kids of course & my parents. But it goes beyond that. It's my friends, sisters, church...anything/anyone that is connected to me.

It is where you feel comfortable & safe. You can be yourself & hopefully accepted and loved.

I love my home that I have built for the last 23 years with my husband. It's a haven for us and our children. As our family grows with more grandchildren, I look forward to our hearts & haven being full of new life & noise!!!

I do believe that sometimes you need a change of scenery to wind down & relax. BUT as Dorothy put it, "There's No Place Like Home"!

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