hope sign

hope sign

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dream On

Sometimes I just want to dream.  I am always looking for a wonderful dream.  Every night I go to bed trying to think of something good to dream about.  I like to dream of love and family.  I like to imagine adventures and new experiences.

There are times when I am having a bad day, I will close my eyes and imagine...dream.  I force myself to think of good things.  I dream of different scenario's.  I dream of babies or weddings or holding my husbands hand while walking along the beach.

Dreaming to me is very important.  It is a wonderful escape but it is also where great ideas and goals start.  The "what ifs" come into play and then WOW, a great idea.

So if someone calls you a dreamer, say "Thank You".  I take it as a great compliment.  I am a girl with a vision of the future.  It helps keep me focused, vibrant, engaged, happy, hopeful, full of faith.  You see I know God has plans for us all and He just might reveal it in a simple dream...daydream or night dream, it doesn't matter.  Just keep dreaming or as some say DREAM ON!!!

Can you just imagine where your dreams can take you?  Where will they lead?  It's so exciting...the possibilities.  It's a great part of my BLESSED LIFE!!!

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