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Friday, August 3, 2012

Trinity Road-what an adventure...

Today we took a ride from Sonoma to St. Helena.  We decided to take the scenic route...very bad idea!!!  The name of the road was Trinity Road.  Bo said it was called Trinity because going up the mountain, you were much closer to THE Trinity or if you failed to negotiate the turn, you would be meeting THE Trinity.  Some of the turns on the mountain were like Palawan, Philippines.  We met our back end as we came around the corner.  It was fun and scary at the same time.

The best part of going over the mountain was the sense of adventure that we felt...unknown road to unknown places in our royal blue mustang.  We had a wonderful time going to St. Helena and then coming back to Sonoma.  Of course we took the main highway back.  We stopped when we wanted to and bought chocolates and ate some Mexican food.  I haven't had a bad meal since I have been here.

I finally got to see a real working vineyard today.  I met the owner and his vineyards manager.  It was suppose to be a 30 minute to an hour tour but it turned into 3 hours of sitting on the patio and talking.  Sharing bits of our lives with total strangers-making new friends.  Today has been wonderful.

Ate a light supper then Bo & I watched a movie in our room and now he is sleeping so peacefully as I sit and write.  Ahhhh...Living a Blessed Life goes way beyond things...it's people, those you know and love already and those who are designed to enter your life, bringing new experiences and enriching it.

As I learned today that if you have good root stock, you can graft a vine to it and the wine is so much richer, sweeter, fuller.  Just like Jesus did for us.  He is our root stock and each time someone asks, He grafts the person to Him and now they are one. Giving them the life that is only possible when you are part of HIM.  AMAZING!!!  

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