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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1st Day of School

It is the first day of school for many children in Cecil County Maryland today.  I know many children have butterflies in their bellies and parents have mixed feelings.  Some parents are excited their children are going back to school and some are sad.  My Mom was always in the sad category.

My only one in school is Kelcie and that is college.  She starts  her classes today but she has been at school since Saturday.  She is probably over the first day of school butterflies.  I still pray that she can navigate her classes with ease and she stays focused.

I miss the first day of school excitement that used to be in our home.  Making a special breakfast, Mother Joan coming over for first day pics, new clothes and hairstyles, clean backpacks and fresh supplies.  Shopping for school supplies was always one of my favorite things.  After school there would be a special snack and dinner.  When the children were in Elementary school, our neighbor, Mrs. White, would bring over special strawberry cupcakes for the kids as a treat.  She was always so thoughtful.

So tonight many parents will be bombarded with 1st day of school paperwork...homework for the parents.  If you have more than one child you have to keep filling out the same information over and over again.  Ahhhh, the memories....(sniff, sniff).

Kelcie, November 2009 visiting her future college
Now she's a junior here at Southeastern
That stage in my life is over.  Now I am sitting at my kitchen table listening to Dinosaur Train on the TV.  My grandson just finished his breakfast and is totally in love with Dinosaurs.  So I guess life changes but each change brings new, exciting, wonderful surprises...like grandchildren.  

Henry eating is noodles
Spending the day with Grammy

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