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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


One thing I love to do every morning is to read the Clover Lane blog.  I enjoy a glimpse into the life of a lovely lady who is raising with her husband, 5 children and is pregnant with her 6th.  Her oldest is going off to college while her baby is a couple of days past its due date.  I love the little stories about her 4 boys and 1 girl.  It makes me feel happy and a part.  Does that sound strange?  Strange that I feel a part of a family that I have never met?

I guess it's kind of like watching a sitcom and getting vested in the faux family on TV.  So many people felt so connected to the "Tanner" family from Full House that we still follow the "Michelle's" (Olsen Twins).  Our family always loved Little House On The Prairie.  We would figure out who in our family fit the roles of  The "Ingalls" or who we thought was our "Nellie Olson."  The character of Charles Ingalls always reminded us of our own father to the point that when Charles (Michael Landon) cried, we would cry...Connection.  We are all looking for connections.  People join book clubs, exercise classes, Facebook...etc, just to feel a part of something, to connect to others.  Friends even watch the same shows so they can stay in the loop of what everyone else is talking about.  We are designed that way.  We need others.  There are a few exceptions to this rule but we will not go there.

I am very thankful for the places I have found to connect to others.  I have always found a connection at my church.  Not always from my peers but I always felt church was my biggest connection to others.  Growing up I went to school, church and I lived there.  The building itself is a part of my childhood and is still a part of my life.  My closest friends are all from church or family.

There are people that you feel an instant connection with and those that kind of grow on you.  The first time I held my God daughter, Abigail, I felt a strong connection with her.  It was so overwhelming that I started to cry.  It was like there was a place in my heart that had always belonged to her.  Even though I don't get to be with her as much as I would like, I still feel that connection.

Abby & Georgia, our God daughters

I love connecting to others and most of all, I love the connection I have with God.  I have always felt that He knows me and is watching me.  I know I haven't always made Him proud and I know I have disappointed Him at times but still I KNOW HE LOVES ME!!!!  Your connection with God is the most important connection you will ever make.  It's an eternal connection.

Friend Lori Willey, leading worship at our Ladies Conference...Connecting Women
You know the best way to connect is to be open to it.  The Bible says, "A man who has friends, must show himself friendly."  Be friendly to someone and see if you can't find something to connect with.

My Friends, Vikie & Denise...Love these ladies

Bo & our Godson Jacob...connecting, decorating cookies

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