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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo Wednesday...Movement

In the last 3 to 4 years I have begun a love affair with photography.  It is more than just taking pictures for me...it's creativity.  I love the memories you take with you when you leave a place.

I am still just learning about the different aspects of photography.  I am going to share some photo's with you that will hopefully help convey why I love it so much.  I hope you enjoy what I now call PHOTO WEDNESDAY...

In October 2011, Bo & I travelled to Uganda, Africa for our son's wedding.  A friend of ours, Bishop Eliphaz Mauri took us to an open air theater in Kampala to watch young people share the dances of the clans of Uganda.  The photos you are going to see just give you a glimpse of what we these amazing dancers showed us.  Their talent is beyond words.

Photos can show movement...it amazes me that in these photos you can see how fast the young ladies are moving their bottoms...yes in Africa, it is all about the bottom...lol

Girls doing a clan dance in
Kampala, Uganda Africa
October 2011
Of course there is music in all the dances
Such a big part of the culture...
Sharing their stories in song & dance

You can see how fast she is moving

This is the young men & women moving all together
I love that it is blurry.  It is almost life like because this
really shows how fast they were going.  I love this
It is almost "spiritual"

Photography shows all or it can show only what you want it to.  I love to take the photos, edit them and share it with others.  

So Photo Wednesday will be a staple on Blessed Life.  Because photography adds to and inventories My Blessed Life.

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